Good Alternative to Conventional Office Setup With Cost Benefits

The term ‘Virtual office’ is used to describe the shared office services. These shared services generally involve phone, fax and answering services, mail and courier, reception, and conference facilities. Some of the providers of virtual offices also offer other outsourced or in-house services. These include services in accountancy, legal matters and corporate secretary ship. The accounting and law firms usually offer registered address services. It can be defined as an environment where a group of co-workers run a business using the technologies for online communication.

Growing New Trend and Concept

The companies with virtual offices generally emphasize are usually located in the world business hubs like New York, Hong Kong and London. The concept has been highly popularized and gives the impression of a highly prestigious business address. The number of providers of virtual offices is shooting up gradually. The growth has been well felt amongst the science and industrial parks all over the globe.


Virtual offices serve a variety of purposes. They are good alternative when it comes to rent a conventional office. Plus, it offers all the benefits of a answering receptionist at the minimal cost. Be it for testing a service or a product, launching a company or a downsizing the strength of a company, the virtual office performs them all. They can also perform the task of a copier, fax machine or a printer.

However virtual offices have overall become a good alternative for companies who do not want to invest in office setup and infrastructure.